10-27-13 Bree & Charlie Pierce

So you know you are getting old when you start doing the weddings of the children of your high school friends.  We were very excited when Bree, the daughter of one of my best high school friends, Bret Babineaux, called and asked us if we would travel to Austin to DJ her wedding.  Of course we will!


I met with Bree and Charlie back in the summer and they are just a great couple.  Full of life and beautiful people both inside and out.  Bree’s Mom and Dad actually set me up with my wife, Debbie, back in the day.  The wedding took place at the Thurman Mansion which is part of The Salt Lick BBQ line of properties.  It rained throughout the previous night and into the morning, but by the time of the ceremony, the weather was perfect.  We provided our Wedding DJ package, sound for the ceremony, a full room of Up-Lighitng, some Dance Lighting, and a Photo Booth as well.  I caught a few pictures of the action for you to enjoy.

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10-26-13 Callie & Justin Jones

October was a crazy busy month for us and the weekend of October 26th was no exception.  We started on Saturday night at Olde Dobbin Station for the wedding of Callie King and Justin Jones.  Callie and Justin had their ceremony out in the barn and the train conductor added to the atmosphere as he blew his horn and headed out of town just as the ceremony began.  We provided Wedding DJ Service, Ceremony Sound, Up-Lighitng and Dance Lighting.  Our friends from the Tavola Tuscan Bistro provided and outstanding spread of food and I met a couple of very fun photographers from The Woodlands. One of which is Sherry Patrizi with Patrizi Photography.  Enjoy a few of the photos I caught myself.


CB7D5727CB7D5696 CB7D5703 CB7D5711 CB7D5717 CB7D5728 CB7D5732 CB7D5733 CB7D5735 CB7D5741 CB7D5743 CB7D5759 CB7D5767 CB7D5778 CB7D5779 CB7D5789 CB7D5791

10-19-13 Kaitlin & Matt Lucas

So I’m working the Amber Springs Open House early this year and one of my friend’s from high school, Lori (Decker) Higdon walks in and her daughter is getting married.  After a brief reunion she is ready to sign up and the date happens to be my birthday.  Well, I don’t normally work on holidays or birthdays, but it was my birthday so who was going to be mad.  A few months and several emails and phone calls later, we celebrated Kaitlin and Matt’s wedding at the Stonebrook hall at Amber Springs here in the Montgomery area.  We provided the DJ of course, but we also brought out our Photo Booth in the new “open” format, provided a full room of Up-Lighting, as well as a surprise to the bride, dance floor monogram.  My friend Chase Pedigo was there to capture all the moments in photos, but I managed to capture a few photos of my own that I will share below.


CB7D5592 CB7D5595 CB7D5603 CB7D5606 CB7D5607 CB7D5614 CB7D5615 CB7D5617 CB7D5621 CB7D5627 CB7D5628 CB7D5634 CB7D5637 CB7D5641 CB7D5647 CB7D5648 CB7D5650 CB7D5653 CB7D5654 CB7D5667 CB7D5668 CB7D5670 CB7D5674 CB7D5678 CB7D5679 CB7D5681 CB7D5687 CB7D5688 CB7D5689 CB7D5691 CB7D5692

10-12-13 Kelsey & Justin Mareno

We celebrated the union of Kelsey Hazzan and Justin Mareno last weekend at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center.  It had been a while since I had done an event at the conference center so it was good to see Judy and the staff.  The reception was held in the Woodlands Ballroom which has no windows, so up-lighting is a must. We up-lit the entire room and utilized our wireless color changing during the dancing portion of the evening.  Kelsey and Justin live in Arizona, so they brought their photographer, Karen Carrasco Photography, with them.  Lastly, Justin wanted to do things a little different for the introductions, so he wrote a few witty lines about each person and we added some fun music clips to make it interesting.  I had hoped to catch that part on video, but things got hectic right before introductions and I wasn’t able to do so.  Enjoy the photos and leave a comment below.


CB7D5460 CB7D5463 CB7D5480 CB7D5483 CB7D5488 CB7D5502 CB7D5515 CB7D5532 CB7D5535 CB7D5538 CB7D5549 CB7D5551 CB7D5559 CB7D5565



Why Use a Photo Booth At My Wedding?

Why Use A Photo Booth For My Wedding?


Photo booths provide another form of entertainment for your guests and give you another feather in your cap when it comes to planning your event and making it unique. Your wedding is typically a rare time when many friends and family members are gathering in one place at the same time. And who doesn’t want to take pictures of this time, when everyone is having fun and letting loose? A photo booth is the perfect answer! Here’s a few reasons photo booths are becoming all the rage at weddings:

  • They bring back that nostalgic feeling of being in a booth, sitting in front of the camera and posing for multiple pictures in a sitting.
  • They provide a keepsake for your guests in the form of the photo strips
  • A photo booth provides an element of silly fun, with the use of props, white boards, frames, etc.
  • The scrapbook is a keepsake for you, the Bride & Groom, bringing you lifetime memories of your guests and all the fun they had at your wedding.
  •  Photo booths are just plain FUN!

How Much Does A Photo Booth Cost?


Photo booths can range in pricing depending on your market, the time of year, and availability. Dynamic DJ Productions prices our photobooth based on the type of event and how much time the booth is needed. We also provide other options such as a scrapbook and the open air format with a custom printed backdrop or step and repeat backdrop.  If you are interested in booking a photobooth rental in the Conroe, The Woodlands or North Houston area,  please visit our website at www.ddjp.net for all of our photo booth details. You can also visit us on Facebook to see all of our previous photo booth photos.  If that’s not enough, feel free give us a call at 936-588-6255 for more information.


9-21-13 Taylor & Cody Warrick

We celebrated the wedding of Taylor Kleimann and Cody Warrick at the Kleimann family tree farm.  Taylor had planned to celebrate under the stars near her home, but mother nature didn’t cooperate and they were forced to move things to the tree farm.  She caught a break with the weather on Saturday night and enjoyed a nice fall breeze.

Taylor & Cody

Clint with Kuntry Katfish Catering was there with an outstanding dinner, and Scott Villalobos with RSVP Photography was there to capture the moments.  We also had our photo booth at the reception and you can enjoy the photo booth photos on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/DynamicDJProd. Enjoy a few of my own photos below.


CB7D5313 CB7D5312 CB7D5307CB7D5293 CB7D5290 CB7D5288 CB7D5287 CB7D5285 CB7D5281 CB7D5279 CB7D5276CB7D5268 CB7D5266 CB7D5264 CB7D5263 CB7D5260CB7D5357 CB7D5356 CB7D5353 CB7D5351 CB7D5350 CB7D5346 CB7D5345 CB7D5342 CB7D5340 CB7D5337 CB7D5334 CB7D5331 CB7D5330 CB7D5327 CB7D5324 CB7D5323 CB7D5322 CB7D5319CB7D5391 CB7D5387 CB7D5380 CB7D5378 CB7D5373 CB7D5371 CB7D5368 CB7D5366 CB7D5363 CB7D5361 CB7D5359

8-31-13 Breanne & Chase Moore

We spent Saturday August 31st celebrating the union of Breanne Garrett & Chase Moore.  Breanne and Chase held their wedding and reception at Stonebrook at Amber Springs here in Conroe.  Their friends and family were there to celebrate and cut loose a little. Chase Pedigo with Pedigo Photoghraphy was there to capture the moments and he was kind enough to share a few shots below.  Breanne was also kind enough to allow my budding videographer, Cameron Deutschendor, to film the celebration and I think he captured the moment very well in the video below. Enjoy the video and photos and be sure to leave a comment below

Breanne & Chase Video

The photos below are all courtesy of Chase at Pedigo Photography.

img_1275 img_2238 img_2219 img_2214 img_2181 img_2134 img_2120 img_1961 img_1955 img_1901 img_1803 img_1597 img_1531 img_1331



8-17-13 Savannah & Nathan Taylor

We spent last night celebrating the union of Savannah May & Nathan Taylor at Amber Springs in Conroe.  We provided the sound for the ceremony and reception as well as some up-lighitng throughout the building for that extra pizzazz.  Savannah and Nathan had dated for a while and gotten engaged when Nathan, who is serves in the Army, was deployed.  He has been back for a while now and they were able to celebrate their marriage in style with a group of their closest friends.



Nathan’s brother, and best man, was unable to attend because he is currently serving our country.  Although he was not present in the flesh, he was represented by his wife in the picture below, and then he sent his toast and best wishes via a facebook video that was shown on the big screen.


CB7D4727After the dinner, provided by Carol’s Catering, we cut the cake and let the celebration begin.  Joey, with Joey Brown Photography, was there to take some great shots for the couple, and I grabbed a few shots of the action below.  Enjoy.



8-11-13 Jason & Elise Schenk

We spent Sunday afternoon at Amber Springs celebrating the wedding of Jason & Elise Schenk.  This young couple met several years back while attending church together at West Conroe Baptist Church and have been together ever since.  They had a nice group of family and friends to celebrate the big day with.


Rudy’s BBQ was there for the dinner, but the highlight of the meal were the desserts. Jason’s mother & father own Montgomery Bakehouse Bakery and they provided an outstanding spread of sweets.  Last but not least, Julie Johnson of Julie Johnson Photography was there to capture all the special moments.

Enjoy a few of the photos I was able to grab between songs.

Congratulations Jason & Elise!

8-10-13 Becky & Brant Wischnewsky

I had a great crowd on Saturday night as we celebrated the union of Becky Treybig and Brant Wischnewsky.  Becky and Brant met back at Tomball High School and then attended Texas Tech University together.  Becky became a nurse and works at Texas Childrens’s Hospital now and Brant has just picked up his Law degree from the University of Houston.  What a beautiful and happy couple.


Brant & Becky had over 400 of their closest friends and relatives in town to celebrate as they danced the night away at Olde Dobbin Station.  Mallett Brothers BBQ was there with a great spread for dinner.  Tina & Marco from Agape House Studio took all the right photos, and the folks from AGB Productions were there to capture the action on video.  Enjoy a few of pictures I took below.